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Pontypool - A Valley Town Rediscovering itself


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The spectacular Shell Groto

Pontypool is steeped in history and quite a bit of mystery.
Jasper Tudor, the Lord of Abergavenny and uncle of King Henry VII, on 10th October 1490, made a grant of land to one John ap David, and in the conveyance fixes one boundary as "the highway leading form the church of Trevethin towards the bridge called Pont poell." It would seem therefore that the town gains its name from the bridge placed near the swampy pool which almost certainly would be greater than the forge pond that exists today.


Take a stroll back in time.
Photographic memories of Pontypool,

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Genealogy - Family History.

If you require help finding your ancestors in Monmouthshire, Gwent, Brecknock and surrounding areas, I might be able to help

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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this website, ‘Pontypool - A Valley Town Rediscovering Itself’.

It is wonderful to see a website that promotes the great businesses and sites of interest around the Eastern Valley, whilst providing an interesting and valuable insight into the history of the area. Whether you are a local person or a potential visitor, I am sure that you will enjoy looking through what Pontypool has to offer.

I am proud to have the honour of representing Pontypool and the rest of Torfaen in Parliament. If you have never been to Pontypool, hopefully this website will make you want to visit soon.

Best Wishes,

The Rt. Hon Paul Murphy, MP

This Website is designed to give you the reader an insight into the town of Pontypool, through pictures and writings.
You will learn about Pontypool's important part in the Industrial Revolution, the famous Hanbury Family, the Park with its Grotto and Folly, the Japan Ware, Iron works, Coal mining, and more importantly its people who helped "forge" Pontypool into a thriving community.



For those of you who are abroad and do not have access to The FREE PRESS, I have added a page which will cover any important issues as and when they arise. I will scan the paper each week and bring you the latest news stories concerning our region.

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In memory of Jenna Brookfield. From all the people of Pontypool.



Our pride and joy - The Pontypool Front Row

The beautiful Pontypool Park

Tradition however says that the name of the town is a corruption of Pont-ap-Howel, or Howel's bridge. The legend tells that David ap Howel was a stout, strong, broad shouldered parson, both "fond of a bottle and fond of a song" but well able to take care of himself. After supper one night David went down to the river and met the Devil himself; an argument followed as to who should build a bridge across the water, and it was agreed that they should join hands for a tug-of -war, and whichever should be pulled across the stream, should build the bridge. After many a pull and heave the Devil at last gave up, and the next morning the villages beheld a newly built bridge of good mortar and stone. But why it should be named after David's father no one can explain.


Fancy a pub crawl? See why Pontypool was just the place for one.

New page added on the infamous Pontypool pubs and hotels

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A Twmpath reunion is being organised for all former pupils. If you are interested
please contact
Clive Taylor


I am looking for information and pictures of ADDAWYNT Farm, Trevethin Pontypool - Site of the now Pontypool Golf Club. If anyone can help could you please get in touch.




Thank you all very much for your interest in my site.

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